Sara Twister

Professional Attentionseeker


Born in India and raised in 4 Continents, “Sara Twister” is a highly-skilled contortionist and Entertainer, and one of the worlds very rare acrobatic Archers!
She has been twisting her way across festivals and stages Worldwide, performing her solo-acts in large productions and Festivals, as well as taking over the world with her acrobatic-archery show “Ready.Aim.Fire.”.

The Show

READY.AIM.FIRE Archery… with a twist. An action­packed extravaganza with a finale you do not want to miss!Sara Twister is one of the world’s most mind blowing contortionists who, whilst balancing on her arms, can fire a bow … with her feet! A dynamic combination of the unforgettable art of acrobatic archery, together with some edgy contortion routines, verbal comedy and audience participation, “Ready.Aim.Fire” is a show that has a little something for everyone, and is appropriate for audiences of all ages. As flexible as the performer herself, the duration can be adapted as required, from a full length 45 min show to a 5 min act with WOW factor!


Custom Show

Thinking outside of the box? As flexible as the performer herself, the show duration and style can be adapted as required, from a full-length 45min show to a 5min visual act with WOW-factor! Have something specific in mind? Contact the artist to find out how the show can be tailored to suit your event.

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